CF7 Views Pro

v2.1.5 (13th June 2024)
New: View layout will keep unchanged when source is changed.
Fix: Fixed Date not displaying correctly if site is multi language.
Fix: Added compatibility for Inline Edit Add-on.
Fix: Fixed php warnings if filter is not set.
Fix: Fixed issue with setting filters for checkbox and radio displaying no records.

v2.1.4 (19th April 2024)
Tweak: Added check for lite version.

v2.1.3 (17th April 2024)
Tweak: Passed View ID to single entry wp filter.

v2.1.2 (16th April 2024)
Fix: Fixed sortable headers not working in view.
Fix: Search by Range not working for Entry date field.

v2.1 (26th Feb 2024)
New: Uploaded files are now saved and can be displayed in View.
Tweak: Code Optimizations.

v2.0 (8th Feb 2024)
/* This is a major update. Please backup site before updating */
New: Updated Views UI to use Gutenberg components.
New: Added Approval Status Field in Filter.
New: Filters can be grouped now using OR conditions.

v1.7.4 (12th Dec 2023)
Fix: Fixed field value in case default value is used for field.

v1.7.4 (11th Dec 2023)
Fix: Fixed wrong value displaying in field value is empty.

v1.7.3 (2nd Dec 2023)
Fix: Fixed no records text not displaying in some cases.

v1.7.2 (30th Nov 2023)
Fix: Display Lables if pipes are used in fields.

v1.7.1 (12th Jan 2023)
Fix: Table headers not displaying if multiple views on same page.

v1.7(7th Jan 2023)
Fix: Updated View table classname.

v1.6.9(27th Dec 2022)
New: Added Table and List View themes.

v1.6.8(17th Nov 2022)
Fix: Search by All Fields should work fine now.

v1.6.7 (7th Sep 2022)
New: Added "merge tags" support in filter.

v1.6.6 (28th June 2022)
New: Added "contains" in filter.
New: Checkbox, Radio & Dropdown fields will have prefilled values when setting filter.
Fix: Cleaned up fields list in filter, sort & search.
Fix: Search by entry ID was not working.
Fix: UI/UX improvements.

v1.6.5 (28th June 2021)
Fix: Fixed Sequence number not displaying correctly in multiple views on same page.

v1.6.4 (8th June 2021)
Fix: Fixed Logged in user entries not displaying.

v1.6.3 (8th June 2021)
Fix: Fixed filter by dropdown not working.

v1.6.2 (7th June 2021)
Fix: Fixed sorting by submission date.

v1.6.1 (25th April 2021)
New: URL field type will be displayed as link in View.

v1.6 (2nd Feb 2021)
New: Added option to display Entry Date in View.
New: Added support for Single Entry View.
New: Single Entry View is now available in Professional license.

v1.5 (6th Jan 2021)
New: Added option to add all Form Fields at once.
Fix: Search by Date field should work now.
Fix: Multiple DataTable Views can be displayed on same page.
Fix: When adding Rows you will be asked for row layout selection first.
Fix: Changing to list view won't reset the layout.
Fix: Field popup won't close after adding a new field to view.
Fix: Minor UI fixes

v1.4 (20 Dec 2020)

-Added support for DataTables

v1.3.1 (1 Dec 2020)

-Fixed pagination.

v1.3 (1 Dec 2020)

-Added support for approved submissions addon.

v1.2 (6 Oct 2020)

-Added css classes to view containers.